Reaching Out arts & crafts regrets that we cannot process e-mail orders totaling less than three hundred dollars, US, ($2000.00 USD).  All prices in Reaching Out’s online store arestorethis attached catalogcatalogue are fixed regardless of whether we are selling to private retail customers or are wholesaling to other retail organizations. Please be aware that our pricing reflects our policy of producing and selling only high quality products.

FOR WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS (other Retail Organizations)

The products shown are representative samples of those that are currently made by Reaching Out and its partnering producers producer groups. For various reasons, these products change from time to time and Reaching Out cannot therefore guarantee that said product’s availability production is always possible. If anything you order is not available, we will let you know immediately. Since Reaching Out does not provide a wholesale catalog, customers must visit the company’s online store to select their item of order. Reaching Out’s online store: https://reachingoutvietnam.com/store

Discount: Reaching Out offers an increasing discount for bulk orders during the COVID pandemic. Details can be found below:

Monetary value of order ( USD )Discount percentage
2000 USD5%
4000 USD10%
6000 USD15%
8000 USD20%
10,000 USD25%
12,000 USD30%

Product availability:Some of the products might not be available from stock and must be ordered from the producers. Because all our products are handmade, the color and design can vary from what you have seen in the web store. To make production worthwhile for artisans and price competitive for business customers, there is a minimum quantity for e-mail orders for any one type of product. This varies according to the type of skill, raw materials used and the production capacity of the group. Please contact us to find out the minimum quantities and receive an estimated possible lead time for production. 

Production and delivery: Orders are made on a first come, first served basis.The production time will be given to you after ordering. Delivery time will be calculated from the time the customer places a deposit. 

Payment terms:

Customers outside of Vietnam: must transfer 100% of the order’s fees before production of goods. 
Customers in Vietnam: transfer 50% deposit to start production. The remaining 50% can be transferred before delivery. 

Shipping: International shipping costs will not be covered by Reaching Out. Customers buying in bulk can avoid individual shipping fees. 

Cancellation of Order: The customer will have to place a deposit for their order. In the events that the customer chooses to cancel the order, they will lose their deposit. If a product is faulty, Reaching Out will provide the customer with new products and cover shipping costs. 


Customers shopping for their own needs, and with a small budget, are encouraged to visit our retail store in Hoi An, Vietnam, where our well trained and English speaking sales staff will be pleased to help you.  Our attractive and pleasant store presents a larger selection of fine gifts and handicrafts than can be accommodated by the products presented on the online store.  A visit to our retail facility, which is located adjacent to our workshop, will enable you to see our artisans in action and also to enjoy the beautiful ancient town of Hoi An, a UNESCO designated world heritage site. 


Generally, Reaching Out will ship under the terms and conditions set out below (i.e. using FOB prices) on single shipment orders totalling three hundred US Dollars (US$300) in value/ at retail price not including shipping cost. In the first order made by a customer, out-of-stock products in his order do not add to the minimum value. In subsequent orders, they do, as well as back orders. 

Quantity and lead time of orders on individual products varies according to production processes and capacities. Alternatively, please confirm these with your Reaching Out Sales and Marketing Manager. 


The easiest way to order is just by picking what you want from our online store. Pick a color, color-combination, model, size or whatever is necessary, and you are done. The products and options given are the best-sellers from our shop in Vietnam, where we have been serving customers from all over the world for over twenty years. 

However, many customers want a customisation. If you do, you are requested to provide orders in a clear format using English words that are universally understood. You can contact us with your requests or inquire about such customizations through email. If specific colors are requested, please try to include color samples. Please make sure you give the Reaching Out product code for each item and, if available, a picture and/or a description with dimensions as a double check. Reaching Out and our producers really want you to receive each item as you wish it to be. For us, any detail you can supply is helpful. Reaching Out will check each order and immediately inform the customer if there is any need for clarification or extra details or if any of your customized wishes (like bigger size), necessitating a revision in the product prices.

In these cases, Reaching Out will send the customer an email describing the next steps and provide an estimate as to how long it may take to complete a customized order. 

In the comment column customers should also clearly state the desired delivery time and the preferred method of shipment. Reaching Out will respond on what it considers is a realistic delivery time and will also recommend packing and shipping methods, if this is requested. 


On receipt of a customer’s order and after any clarifications or revisions have been addressed, Reaching Out will issue a Pro-Forma Invoice (PI) setting out the order as it will appear in the final invoice. 

This PI is sent by email (.pdf format) or by fax (if requested) to the customer, who is asked to sign the PI as a contractual approval and return it to Reaching Out by fax or as an email attachment. Production will commence only when the approved PI is returned and the agreed advance payment is received by Reaching Out. The projected lead time for completion of any production also starts at this time. 


  • FOB

All prices you see on the web store include “Free on Board” (FOB) prices for port shipping from Da Nang city only. ”FOB Da Nang city” means Reaching Out takes care of and pays for quality control checking, standard bulk packing in cardboard cartons, transport to the port, shipping agents fees (in Da Nang city) as well as the following documentation: invoice, packing list. The shipment from Da Nang to the destination country has to be paid by the customer. Shipments from other places (outside Da Nang city) will incur additional transport and handling charges. 

  • Extra Documentation 

Reaching Out will try to obtain extra documents as requested by the purchaser. Reaching Out’s FOB-Da Nang city prices do not normally include additional documentation such as customs clearance formalities, fumigation, certificate of origin, GSP Form A (where applicable), or independent verification tests (silver content, gemstone identification, etc.). For these documents, the purchaser agrees to pay a service charge (minimum of US$15 per document but please confirm). 

  • Packing

FOB includes reasonable bulk packing in an export cardboard carton. Where items need to be individually packed, like ceramics and lacquerware, this is an extra cost unless Reaching Out states this is already included in the FOB price. In such cases, Reaching Out will recommend a suitable packing method and quote for any extra charges to the purchaser. 

Reaching Out cannot be responsible for any breakages or other damage to products in transit unless it can be clearly demonstrated that it was as a direct result of Reaching Out’s negligence in reasonable packing or from poor workmanship. Reaching Out assumes that subsequent carriers will take reasonable care of the consignment and will pack to an acceptable standard accordingly. 

  • Delivery Date

When Reaching Out agrees on a production lead time, it does so from the date on which it received the advance payment in the Proforma-invoice. Unless otherwise clarified well beforehand (preferably with the original order), “delivery” means the approximate date of goods delivered on Board a transport facility in Da Nang city (i.e. not arrival in the receiving country nor delivered to the purchaser). Both Reaching Out and the artisans will do their best to keep to production schedules and in most cases manage to do so. If occasionally unforeseen circumstances force a production delay, Reaching Out will keep the customer informed and give a new estimation of a delivery date. 

  • Tracking order

Depending on the carrier we send your order with, the dispatch email we send you may include a unique tracking number which you can use to track the progress of your parcell. 

  • Shipment

Shipment ex-Da Nang city is the responsibility of the purchaser unless otherwise agreed. Reaching Out will arrange shipping and insurance only in accordance with the clear and written instructions of the purchaser. We are happy to obtain approximate quotations at cost from different Da Nang city-based operators where possible but cannot guarantee our customers the shipping prices in advance. 

Any means of shipment can be arranged by surface or air.  To get the estimated price of an express shipment anywhere in the world have a look at the following link. Please remember that you have to add 10% VAT to all prices.  

** Important note. We are unable to ship to postal boxes. Please ensure that you have indicated a street address.

TNT Shipping Servicewww.tnt.com

  • Shipping Agent

With freighted shipments, the purchaser must supply Reaching Out with the name and contact of the receiving agent in the purchaser’s country well before delivery is due. 

Normally, Reaching Out will use its own contracted agent in Da Nang city to arrange shipments. If the purchaser wishes to use another agent in Da Nang city, this can be done providing sufficient advance notice is given and that the nominated agent’s handling costs to Reaching Out do not exceed that of Reaching Out’s own agent. 

If the purchaser wishes Reaching Out to consolidate a shipment with products the purchaser has obtained from other sources in Vietnam, this can only be done by special arrangement and, on occasion, may not be possible. If it is acceptable to Reaching Out to do this, a service and handling charge will be applicable. 

Furthermore, Reaching Out reserves the right not to use the purchaser’s nominated agent in Da Nang city if that agent chooses, for whatever reason, to export the products only in the name of Reaching Out although consolidating products from several different sources. 

  • Returns 

Damaged Items – If you have received a damaged or defective item, please contact the shipper and Reaching Out immediately.

You must place a claim within 7 days of delivery to be issued a credit or for the replacement of damaged/defective items. We are sorry but Reaching Out no longer assumes responsibility for damaged/defective items after this period.

Whenever possible, open received goods in the present of an agent of the shipping company or courier in order than goods damaged in shipment can be noted and a claim process initiated with the carrier. In the event an agent of the carrier is not present when you open the goods and you discover damage during shipping please take the following steps to initiate a claim with the carrier. (1) Take a photo of the damaged goods. (2) E-mail the picture to the shipper along with all the pertinent shipping information (the number of your invoice, packing list, tracking number and confirmation of delivery). (3) Request that the shipper process the claim. 

The shipping insurer will usually suggest two options. (1) Refund the cost of the product however; shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. (2) Replace the product, shipped at their cost.  Once the claim has been settled we will act on your choice of compensation in 4 weeks.

Wrong Items Sent – If you were shipped items that you did not order in place of your ordered items, please contact Reaching Out immediately. If possible, send an electronic photo of the erroneously sent item.  We will then ask you to send the item back to us.  We will refund the cost of shipping for this and we will reship the correct items if they are available. If the items are unavailable, we will issue you a refund for your goods.


  • Terms of Payment

For first time orders, Reaching Out requests full payment, payable within seven (7) days on confirmation of an order (i.e. signed return of Reaching Out’s PI – see above.) 

For second time orders, Reaching Out requests an advance payment, payable within seven (7) days on confirmation of an order (i.e. signed return of Reaching Out’s PI – see above), to at least 50% of the order value, unless another arrangement has been agreed. Reaching Out will notify the purchaser on the completion of the order, will send the goods to our shipping agent in Da Nang City and will supply the customer with a shipping confirmation via fax or email. The customer then has to provide the other half of the payment within 7 days. 

For subsequent orders, excluding sample orders, 50% advance payment is requested while the remaining 50% balance payment should be settled after quality control in the customer’s warehouse. 

For late payment on all orders, 3% interest per each month outstanding will be applied (Late means more than 7 days after the shipping confirmation was send respectively the goods arrived at their destination). 

  • Payments and Transfers

We offer two methods of payment at the moment. The first one is a bank transfer to Reaching Out’s Vietnamese bank account, details of which you can find below.

Bank:  Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam

Branch:  Quang Nam Branch

Account Holder:  Le Nguyen Binh

Address: 35 Tran Hung Dao Street, Tam Ky City, Vietnam

Swift Code:  BFTVVNVX065

Account Number: 0041370209261 (USD)

From time to time, Reaching Out’s Bank receives from overseas less than the sum that the purchaser has instructed their bank to transfer, even though the customer may be led to believe all transfer charges have been paid in advance. This may be because the purchaser’s bank has chosen to use an intermediary bank to effect the transfer, which in turn makes a charge. Reaching Out is not able to verify this deduction through any documentation apart from supplying the customer with evidence of what Reaching Out’s bank actually received from overseas. Reaching Out will credit customer’s accounts only with the exact amounts it receives plus any commissions Reaching Out’s own bank normally applies. This means that the customer’s bank will charge a fee for the transfer for which the customer is responsible. Reaching Out will pay the bank fees on the receiving end.

Customers are advised to give complete details of Reaching Out’s account when making transfers, including the SWIFT code, and request that only a direct transfer be made without an intermediary bank. 

The second option is to use the Western Union Money TransferSM Service. To avail yourself of this method you must visit Western Union website (westernunion.com) and learn how to transfer.

Send payment to Account receiver: Mai Thi Kim Quyen 

(First name: Quyen, surname: Mai, middle name: Thi Kim)

Please note that, the service’s required form might not ask you for a receiver’s middle name, but please kindly fill out that for us (just enter it under first name) and then provide us with the following information: The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) (10 numbers) from your receipt, your first and last names as the sender, city and country the money was sent from and the amount that was sent to us.

You should ask your bank consultant, which way he would recommend in terms of safety and cost. 


By prior agreement with Reaching Out and at the request of the purchaser, a packing receipt (Invoice) with an itemized list of the items and price quotations can be made in Vietnamese Dong, US Dollars, European Euros, Japanese Yen or British Pounds Sterling. If no agreement is made, Reaching Out will use US Dollars for its invoices. 

For normal export shipments, Vietnam Value Added Tax (VAT) is zero rated (i.e. not charged), so all product prices are final prices. 

The shipping company might add 10% VAT to the shipping costs, though. 


Reaching Out only sends samples of products which appear on our online store and only on request. A sample of Reaching Out’s products can be requested for order consideration purposes only. Reaching Out reserves the right to neglect a sample order and we only send to known customers. 

All samples are free of charge; the customer would only have to pay the shipping cost. For this it is helpful if he supplies us with a customer account number in advance (if he is a customer at a shipping company already), so he can pay the costs after receiving the goods. This would save us the bureaucracy of a money transaction. 


Reaching Out distinguishes between three kinds of product development. 

The first one is customisation. This is free of charge and can be made via a short notice in the comment column of your order form (see: Making an order). Customisations are for example colour, size or material changes. Of course, a different size or material might necessitate a different price. 

The second one is a minor development. Here might be a deposit of 65 US Dollar necessary, please contact us to get information. As minor development we count different embroidery, use of own logos in bookmarks or jewellery, or your own motive on a greeting card. We will allow adjustment of the sample order two times only. 

The third one is a major development. This means thatmeans, that the customer sends his design ideas and Reaching Out only works as a manufacturer. Herefore, a development charge deposit of 330 US Dollar has to be paid in advance. We will allow adjustment of the sample order three times only. 

Reaching Out and our producers reserve the right to identify the type of product development and the actual development charge of the product being requested. The request must be accompanied by a design brief (including visuals) that is as detailed as possible. Reaching Out will not produce more than three adaptations or corrections of any design unless there is a higher minimum quantity of orders on individual sample products. In this latter case, that required minimum quantity must be produced. The development charge deposit will only be refundable if, consequentially, an order for a product from the sample of the specific producer group of no less than US$1,000 is made by the same customer within five (5) months of the final sample being shipped. 


The Name 

Customers are permitted to use the name “Reaching Out” in advertising or other promotion related to the sale of Reaching Out products. However, the Customer cannot use the name “Reaching Out” in the title of their business, organization, or enterprise. 

The Logo 

The logotype must always be reproduced from master artwork only. Reaching Out is written in a specially created font and it must not be redrawn or modified in any way. If you reproduce the logo, you are asked to resize it in ratio and do not change the colours. If you are producing any promotional material that is to be circulated to or viewed by more than 100 people (such as leaflets, shop signs, posters) and you want to use our logo, permission must be obtained. 

To obtain permission and have your artwork approved, please contact us at [email protected] Please provide the draft artwork, together with information about its proposed use. 

Producer stories and photographs: 

Reaching Out supplies pre-formatted producer stories with photographs and quotes. They can be found either on every product page, or in the download section. Should you wish to reproduce any producer information, you must follow the guidelines below:
1. Producer stories and photographs are not for sell.
2. Photographs must include the original photo credit & attributing copyright to Reaching Out.
3. Producer quotes must appear as in the original and must not be changed in any way.
4. You must not materially alter the original case study, although you can edit it if required. 

The labels: 

All sold products come with a tag, showing the Reaching Out logo and slogan. If displayed in the retailers shop, these tags are not to be removed. The customer can use his own tags, but only add them, the Reaching Out tag has always to be visible.

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