Mr. Lê Nguyên Bình 

Founder & Former Director

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Founder and former CEO of Reaching Out Vietnam, Mr. Binh, disabled as a young man, was inspired by the challenges he faced to create an environment where other PWD’s could acquire skills and become independent and fully integrated into their communities through education, meaningful work and empowerment. Through strong but heartfelt leadership and his own example of hope and fortitude he has built the social enterprise.

Mr. Binh oversees the strategy, finance, technology and liaison with consultants and subject matter experts.

A staunch advocate for PWD’s, he is a sought after resource for those seeking solutions in overcoming barriers.

Mr. Binh is devoted to his wife Quyen.

Ms. Mai Thi Kim Quyên

Co-Founder & CEO

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Quyen, a jeweler’s daughter, founded the enterprise with Binh and manages the Sales and Marketing including managing supplier relationships, buying, staffing, production and overseeing creative design.

A champion of her staff, their development and happiness, Quyen ensures their continuing development opportunities and whole life wellness. She encourages community involvement. Her skills in sign language have facilitated easy communications between hearing and deaf members of the staff. She is the driver behind our quality standards and excellence in customer service.

The mother of two sons, Quyen exemplifies the delicate balance of work and home life demands.



Artisan in our Metalwork corner

Nam’s sense of touch allows him to hear and feel the intricate design work that he creates in in silver and brass. His speech and hearing impediments prevented him from going to school and he could not read nor write. But since working at Reaching Out, he has learned to use sign language and to text. At work he is a respected, expressive and focused artist who shares his passion for creative arts with new employees. He is proud of the house that he has built and he works out in the gym.

Thu Ly

Tea and Coffee Specialist

Thu Ly oversees the buying and storing of our coffee beans and tea leaves. She insures  that quality standards are met by our small, local producers and she roasts the coffee beans in-house in small batches in our custom roaster.  She taste tests every batch of the tea leaves and roasted coffee beans.


Teahouse Group Leader

Trinh is a long-term member of the Reaching Out family where her acute observation skills and artistic abilities helped her to create new embroidery designs. Now Trinh runs our Tea House with the same care as her own home. She is able to visually assess customer needs through expression and gestures. New trainees learn from her example to develop the same eye for detail. Trinh’s husband Trung also works for Reaching Out.  With their little girl, they exemplify the independent lives possible for PWD’s.


Sales Group Leader

Ni, through her 8 years at Reaching Out, has become an enthusiastic ambassador for our business. She studied Library Science at college but could not find a job in that profession so worked under harsh conditions at a tailoring shop. Now, her frontline position as Sales Group Leader at Reaching Out gives her ample opportunity to instill in others the strengths and rewards of working with an inclusive team of able bodied and disabled persons. Ni’s knowledge of our production processes, our authentic line of gift items and her respect for the whole team epitomizes our core values. She is a problem solver and with her excellent English can assess customer needs readily.


Admin and IT Group Supervisor

Toan studied economics at university and has found his niche at Reaching Out as an IT Specialist.  He works with Mr. Binh and our technology consultant on all matters related to networks, hardware and software. He also works with the staff to upgrade their computer reporting skills. Toan is an avid reader and spends his free time learning about and researching high tech devices. He loves to travel.

Advisory Board

Elaine Head


Elaine who lives on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada has taught English language and selling skills to the staff at Reaching Out and is engaged in telling the story of our enterprise through the written word in correspondence, articles and on social media. She also works with the other Directors on the long term and marketing plans. Elaine says, ”Reaching Out has been a rewarding retirement career, keeping my mind and heart engaged while serving others.”

Bruce Logan


Bruce, also comes from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada and has worked at Reaching Out for several months each year over the past seven years. He has been instrumental in helping with the development and maintenance of the business strategy. After a long career in the hard-core fields of military and business, Bruce likes to say, “I feel like my heart started to open for the first time when I started working with the sweet people at Reaching Out.”

Annette Fenwick


Annette, of Sydney, Australia was instrumental in the development of Reaching Out’s dynamic human resource strategy. The team was open to learn and implement sound HR principles within the business, including the exploration of the organizational values and planning for the development and future growth of employees. She continues to provide us with timely advice on human resource development matters.

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