Reaching Out: The art of creating a community for everyone

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Mai Thi Kim Quyen and her husband, Binh, created Reaching Out Teahouse (reachingoutvietnam.com) in Hội An, Vietnam after a medical accident left Binh partially paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. Binh & Quyen saw an opportunity need in their community to provide jobs and a support network for others living with physical limitations. See how they put themselves on the map with Google My Business.

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4 December 2016

From Self-Help to Successful Social Enterprise: REACHING OUT in Vietnam

GoPhilanthropic Foundation

When we at GoPhil first learned of the Vietnamese crafts shop, Reaching Out, a social enterprise supporting people with disabilities in Hoi An, we were intrigued. We poked into the workshop one day with our travelers and were impressed with the efficiency and care in which the shop was run. Employees were busily engaged in handcrafting their wares…

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August 2015

Taiwan Pictorial 571

Beher 生活廚房

來自越南會安, Binh 和妻子 Quyen 在故鄉孕育了一間小茶館 – Reaching Out Teahouse。 沈靜的百年老屋里,聽話障礙的茶師水沾茶,在熙攘街道旁邀請旅人前來沏一杯寧靜。

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21 September 2014

Reaching Out – Handmade in Hoi An

... in a strange land

On 10 March, 2014, we visited Binh Le, the founder of Reaching Out. We were a week into a sourcing trip and very happy to arrive in Hoi An for the first time in 10 years. We had been in touch with Binh and his wife …

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20 September 2014

Quán trà đặc biệt nằm bình yên giữa lòng Hội An


Tọa lạc tại số 131 đường Trần Phú, Hội An, quán trà Reaching Out hấp dẫn du khách trong và ngoài nước bởi không gian đẹp thanh bình, trà ngon và đặc biệt là đội ngũ nhân viên thân thiện gồm những …

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16 September 2014

Cận cảnh điểm đến đứng đầu top "những hàng quán được thích nhất" ở Hội An


Là điểm đến xếp thứ nhất trong bảng xếp hạng hàng quán tại Hội An trên trang TripAdvisor, là phòng trà mang đậm hương vị Việt Nam xưa với nhân viên đều là người khiếm thính, Reaching Out xứng đáng là …

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30 August 2014

A Visit To Our Partner In Hoi An, Vietnam - Reaching Out

Change Merchants

In May 2014 my fiancé and I visited Change Merchant’s first supplier, Reaching Out, while travelling in Hoi An, Vietnam. Hoi An is a gorgeous historic town in the centre of Vietnam. We stayed at a lovely beach hotel, and went to the old town any time we felt like enjoying some fantastic food and a little shopping…

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1 January 2014

Reaching Out Tea House, Hoi An Vietnam – The Quietest Tea House in The World?

Why Waste Annual Leave?

Set up as part of a social enterprise programme to provide employment and empowerment for people with physical disabilities, this pretty, old-world tea house is a peaceful haven with equally gentle waiting staff, most of who suffer from hearing or speech impairments. There is a silent hush here, an oasis in which to escape the noise of your trip and for us, the chaos of London life…

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30 August 2013


Fabulous Femme

Reaching Out Tea House in Hoi An is an experience by itself. Just by entering you are in a different world … you automatically stop talking and just enjoy the atmosphere of this tea house…

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6 January 2011

Craft abilities to overcome Disabilities with Reaching Out

Mekong Responsible Tourism

A pioneering workshop in Hoi An that supports artisans, craftsmen and women in overcoming their disabilities to produce quality ceramics, leatherwear, embroidery, weaving, metalwork and paper crafts. Handicapped access.

What to experience?
A real Ali Baba’s cave where you feel like buying every thing and, an exemplary social enterprise not to be missed!

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1 December 2010

Fair Trade applied as a Business Model in Vietnam

Journey for Fair Trade

This blog is the story of a journey with a purpose; a journey to present the voices of Fair Trade producers, artisans, weavers, farmers, and craftswomen and men. This blog examines the Fair Trade Organizations, NGOs, and Community Based Organizations which support producers and introduce social change; it aims to develop local, national and regional Fair Trade networks; it encourages the advocates and supporters of Fair Trade; and it informs conscientious consumers.

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9 September 2007

A Hôi An, Reaching Out tend la main aux handicapés

Le courrier du Vietnam

Solidarité. En printemps 2000, 5 personnes handicapées ont monté Reaching out à Hôi An (Centre), une entreprise spécialisée dans la fabrication et la vente d’objets artisanaux faits à main par des handicapés. Un an après, une boutique a été ouverte afin de vendre les produits de ces derniers, leur permettant de devenir plus indépendants.

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9 September 2007

Un handicapé peut réussir dans la vie

Le courrier du Vietnam

Success story. Lê Ngyuên Binh est le fondateur de l’entreprise Reaching out. Handicapé depuis l’âge de 18 ans, il a su faire preuve de persévéverance et a trouvé dans l’informatique l’opportunité de s’intégrer.

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Enabling the Disabled

Lonely Planet

For the nine million or so Vietnamese who are disabled, chances are they won’t have the opportunity to got to school or pick up skills that will let them earn a living as independent adults. Most schools aren’t equipped to receive students with disabilities and employers don’t see the disabled as having employable skills. Most disabled people are cooped up at home with few or no friends, entirely dependent on their families or the government for support.

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“Hòa Nhập” cùng phố cổ

Thai Binh - Tuoi Tre Online

TT – Nằm giữa lòng phố cổ Hội An, shop hàng lưu niệm Hòa Nhập mỗi ngày tiếp đón cả trăm khách Tây đến tham quan và mua sắm. Hơn thế, du khách còn được tận mắt chiêm ngưỡng nét đẹp tài hoa trên đôi tay của những người thợ khuyết tật.

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Shopping For A Good Cause

Christina Lim - Visit Vietnam Magazine

Just Next Door to the Old House of Tan Ky and a stone’s throw away from the popular Tam Tam restaurant, along Nguyen Thai Hoc Street in Hoi An town centre, is a quaint handicraft shop with a difference.

Once inside, you’ll be attracted to the wide array of colorful handicrafts. And if you look beyond the door at the back of the shop and into the courtyard, you’ll catch a glimpse of disabled crafts people working hard at their creations.

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Tin vào cuộc sống

Trinh - Cong Thanh

Là một thanh niên thông minh, ham hiểu biết, táo bạo trong suy nghĩ và hành động, Lê Nguyên Bình hiểu rất rõ những lợi ích mà công nghệ thông tin (CNTT) mang lại cho bản thân. Mong ước lớn của anh là làm sao phổ biến được nhưng hiểu biết của mình về CNTT cũng như những những lợi ích của nó đem lại, đến mọi người – đặc biệt là những người khuyết tật – những bạn đồng cảnh như anh.

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Trái tim lớn, vũ khí mạnh

Mai Lan - Tien Phong Online

“Công nghệ thông tin là một niềm đam mê và tôi muốn san sẻ niềm đam mê này cho tất cả mọi người”. Với hiệp sĩ CNTT Lê Nguyên Bình, chiếc xe lăn và đôi chân bại liệt dường như đã bị lãng quên…

15 tuổi, Lê Nguyên Bình bị liệt chỉ vì mũi tiêm quá liều của một bác sĩ vô trách nhiệm. Gia đình đã đưa Bình đi chạy chữa hết bệnh viện này sang bệnh viện khác, hết ông lang này đến thầy thuốc nọ với những hy vọng mong manh. Nhưng tất cả đều vô ích khi đôi chân của Bình vẫn không hề có cảm giác và ngày càng teo nhỏ.

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The Disabled and Their Organizations – The Emergence of New Paradigms

Ivo Vasiljev

Given Vietnam’s wartorn history, the disabled form a sizeable community. Organized treatment of the disabled was largely in state hands until the 1980s when political reforms enabled a bigger, more proactive role for citizens to organize their own affairs. Part of this self-organization meant contact and interaction with the outside world and the input of foreign ideas and financial resources that in turn challenged the old state-dominant policy, both in terms of assumptions and in practice. In effect, there have been paradigm shifts in governance where the management of the disabled is concerned. This study looks at one such organization that grew up in a time of paradigm shifts. The details provided describe the dynamics of how NGO relate to the state.

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Ethical Tourism Comes to Vietnam

David Atkinson

Business is good for Mai Kim Quyen. Tucked away amongst the rabbit warren of small streets, opposite a French café with an ochre façade, her shop Hoa Nhap (Reaching Out) Handicrafts, acts as an outlet for handicrafts made by disabled people across the country. And, since her home town of Hoi An became known as the most picturesque stop-off on Vietnam’s burgeoning Lonely Planet ant trail, the visitors have come in droves.

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