The PWD Situation in Vietnam


Vietnam has a proportionately higher number of persons of disability than do many other nations in Asia. This is partially because of the long wars fought in this country and especially the lingering effects of Agent Orange and unexploded ordnance. With a population of 90 million, some 15% suffer from disabilities. Many of these people are unable to work or contribute to society in a meaningful manner. Up to 90% of children suffering from disabilities never attend school. Few public facilities, schools or work places are wheel chair accessible, with ramps and wide doorways. There are often no washroom adaptations, no desks or worktables at the correct height. At Reaching Out one of our purposes is to lead the way in making changes to this situation. We believe in providing the tools and the means for PWD’s to help themselves to lead meaningful, fully integrated lives.



The Reaching Out family of social businesses is a strong advocate for PWD’s in Vietnam, Quang Nam province. We firmly believe that, if given the tools and the opportunity to learn, disabled persons can become capable of making their own decisions and living productive, rewarding lives. This belief forms the basis for our vision and our core values. It is central to everything we do.


Our Vision


Reaching Out constantly strives to be recognized as the most value driven, socially responsible family of businesses in Vietnam, delivering the highest quality products and experiences. We also seek to be recognized as a leading advocate for the integration of PWDs in the region.


Reaching Out’s Core Values


We are committed to these values, which are also reflected in our policies and practices.

We believe that inspiring and inclusive work leads to meaningful lives for all, able bodied and those with disabilities.

• Individuals feel useful and belong to a friendly, supportive community.
• Our work enables us to develop different abilities and extend our community.
• Through our products and prosperity we can express ourselves and contribute to making the world  a better place.

We believe that “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

• Every person has a role on the team and empowerment leads to autonomy.
• Through partnerships between differently abled persons and building an engaged community we overcome barriers.
• In our small working community we learn skills and knowledge that transfer to our families and the community at large … from niche to mass.

Continuous Improvement
We challenge the status quo and effect change by fostering innovation and continuous renewal.

• Through growth, learning and creativity we become better people; highly competent and confident.
• We respond to changing customer expectations to make each customer a fan.
• The example of our continuing success makes us strong advocates for self-help solutions for PWDs.

We treat each other, our stakeholders and the environment fairly and with honesty and respect.

• We clarify expectations and agreements.
• We deliver on our commitments.
• Through fairness, openness and accountability we create an environment where everyone wins.  (We, me, the world)

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