A broad network of partnerships strengthens Reaching Out. Our network includes Retail, Corporate, Media, Volunteer and Educational Scholarship Donors whose values match our own. We extend our belief in the benefits of teamwork to this greater community and share information and support. Whether these partners are selling our products, serving the disabled, encouraging tourism in Vietnam, working as a volunteer or supporting our scholarship program for disabled children, we are happy to pursue our common goals together.


Get Involved & Contribute


There are a number of ways you can get involved and help Reaching Out. Every contribution directly helps the lives of the differently abled craftspeople we work with. Click on any link below to see what are the ways you can.

Ways to contribute

Buy our crafts, teas and coffees

Support our artisans directly by purchasing their products. What could be easier than shopping for a good cause? Purchases can be made in our Reaching Out Arts and Craft
or Reaching Out Teahouse.

Visit our shop, workshop and teahouse

See the full array of our crafts first-hand, and find out for yourself how they are made. Meet our artisans in the workshop, and learn more about what Reaching Out means to them. Here you can find our address and directions to our shop.

Join with us in new Retail Partnerships

At the moment we have some retail partners overseas, and we always welcome new retail opportunities. Interested retailers should contact us to ask for further details.

Tell a friend and/or write a post to your blog

Spread the word about Reaching Out (Hoa Nhap. Tell your friends about it. Help us get the word out so that more customers have the chance to buy beautiful fairly traded crafts and more other-abled artisans have the opportunity to earn a sustainable income. Write a post to your blog. Send us a link.

Give us any feedback

Give us any feedback about Reaching Out (Hoa Nhap). We really do appreciate your opinion about our work, products and services : -)


Volunteers have helped us design web pages and brochures, develop new products, train our staff in English, create our online store, and more. If you are interested in volunteering in Hoi An, or virtually over the internet, please fill in this form and mail back to us here.

Share new design ideas

We are always looking for new design and craft ideas. If you have feedback on existing products or new creative ideas, please share them with us! There are many ways to share: you can email us written descriptions, sketches, photos of products or designs, or links to websites or catalogues; you can mail us a print catalogue, CD catalogue or even a product sample; you can arrange a webcam session with us (via email) to discuss your ideas (just contact us); or you can visit us in at Reaching Out Arts and Crafts Shop. 
If you have a handicraft book or magazine that might be a good inspiration or gives ideas for new products, it would be very helpful for our artisans if you could send a copy to us. Our artisans are always keen to learn new things and create new designs and products.

Bring your tour group to visit us

We welcome tour groups in our store and workshop. To learn more, please visit our tour page.

Send letters to editors of tour guide books or submit articles for publication

You could write an article for your university or local newspaper to tell your community about Reaching Out. We can provide you with quotes, background material and access to credible experts on employment for people with different abilities in Vietnam . Your letters to guide book publishers can help us attract more tourists to our shop and workshop.

Be a connection between us and other artisans

If you know other Vietnamese artisans or people with different abilities, who would like to work together with Reaching Out, please contact us. We would be glad to support more people and to build a relationship network with other artisans all over Vietnam.

Be a connection between us and future partners

We are looking for companies who practice a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy or travel agencies who are involved with responsible travel. Please see also our current corporate partners who work together with us. If you know any other company or travel agency who might be interested in Reaching Out and our products, please contact us.

Our Retail Partners




Our Corporate Partners






Corporate Ambassadors

Mitch Teberg

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at UNDP

Oanh Pham

Founder and CEO of the Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion

Find out why we believe - gifts that give twice.