Enjoy the beauty of silence in our tea house, a tranquil oasis in the center of bustling Hoi An. Delicious coffee, tea, fruit juices and biscuits are served in the charming atmosphere of an ancient, tastefully decorated house in the heart of the town. The grace and charm of our speech and hearing impaired staff will warm your heart as you savor the silence of this experience. There are few distractions from the flavors and aromas of our locally grown products. Visitors feel embraced by the traditional Vietnamese tea service. The atmosphere invites quiet contemplation while appreciating the elegance of a classical Vietnamese welcome. Our small garden, children’s quiet play room and formal seating can accomodate up to 40 customers.  

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Featured Tasting Sets

Vietnamese Tea Tasting Set

First visit to the Tea House? Choose 3 varieties from the tea offerings on our menu. The options include Green, Oolong, Jasmine or Organic Herbal tea. Each tea is served in an individual hand made pot and is accompanied by cookies that pair well with the flavors of the teas.

Vietnamese Coffee Tasting Set

Can’t decide which coffee to choose? Try all three in a sample flight. Chicory, Mocha and Arabica are featured. These are also paired with just the right small cookie or treat to enhance the taste experience. Our servers will help you drip your chosen coffee to perfection.

Cookie sampler

Customers love our handmade cookies, cakes and snacks including green tea coconut candy. Each offering is made in-house, fresh daily and are perfect flavour matches for your beverages. The sampler includes several different cookies and treats-enough for 2 people.

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Our Vietnamese Teas
A pot serves one person. Please feel free to ask for a second fill of boiling water for your tea.

Our Vietnamese Coffees
A drip filter serves one person. Sugar and condensed milk or fresh milk can be added to suit individual
preference. It is also delicious cold—just add safe ice, which made from filtered water on site in our

Fresh Juices

Seasonal Snacks

Our Teahouse serves a selection of seasonal snacks every day.
Please refer to our order sheet for available offerings (En|Vn).

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