Ceramic Vietnamese coffee drip filter set

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Brand: Reaching Out arts and crafts

A charming set of off-white ceramic coffee filter and cup, highlighted by traditionals drawings and bronze lined rim. Press-filter is made of bronze. Single serving size.


Material: ceramic and bronze.
Height (cup and filter) : 5.9 incches
Net weight (cup and filter): 17.6 oz (500g)
+ Cup:
Dimensions: 3.1 x 8.1 x 2.8 inches (8 x 10.5 x 7cm) (L x W x H) - Volume: 120ml
+ Filter:
1 Ceramic Saucer & Brew Chamber
1 Bronze Insert Press and 1 bronze Filter
1 Ceramic Lid w/Finger-Lift Tab
Diameter of saucer: 3.7" (9.5cm), Chamber opening: 3.1" (8cm), Chamber Depth: 2.8" ( 7cm) - Volume: 60ml
Cleaning & Care: polishing the bronze parts with a normal polishing cream or liquid and a clean, try cotton towel or click here for more.
Click here
to view our quick guide for brewing an authentic Vietnamese iced coffee cup
Because our product are handmade, the colour & design might vary from what you have seen in the web store.


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