Tea Meditation Workshop for an individual


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We are delighted to offer one of our Tea and Meditation workshops - what we like to call "Quiet Tea". All are welcome and no experience of tea or meditation is needed. Tea meditation is a perfect example of the fact you can experience magic in the most ordinary activities of your everyday life. Whether you’re drinking tea alone or with a loved one, be fully aware of drinking of the tea and open your heart to the world around you. Learn how to do this and everyday would be transforming. Bonus one of our fine Vietnamese teas and home-made cookies included!. Reservation for a Group, go here.


Date & Time of the workshop:

+ Most workdays | July – December, excl. national holidays
+ Time from 9:00am - 9:45am or from 1:30pm - 2:15pm


Reaching Out Teahouse, 131 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An City, Vietnam


The person joining the workshop will need a copy of the order receipt (printed or on a phone) and proof of identity (such as a Driver’s License or a Photo ID) that matches the cardholder’s name.

Terms & Conditions:

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the reservation time. If you don’t show up your reservation will be canceled after 10 minutes and you lose the place. If you cancel the reservation 1 day in advance, we will refund 60% of your payment. Contact us by text message at 079 945 9453 or our email: [email protected] if there is any issue.

Please note that we do not allow food from outside in our teahouse.


An electronic receipt to the workshop will be available to the customer once the order receives status paid and the receipt will work as an e-ticket. You can print it or display it on your phone as proof of purchase.
Make sure to show the e-ticket to the Reaching Out teahouse's instructor on the date of workshop.

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